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This year’s holiday season will be quite different from years past. Businesses have been struggling to stay afloat over the last few years, and the economic consequences of this prolonged crisis period will be far-reaching. Busier shopping seasons are key for your business success, and to support with the rising number of online orders; you may have extra stock coming in from various suppliers. The lead-up to Christmas, in particular, is imperative to most retail businesses, particularly those that provide an eCommerce solution and need warehouse management.

As a business, you may have prepared your inventory ahead of the rush by choosing from multiple suppliers or over-ordering on the seasonal stock. However, this is not always the most effective method for understanding your stock levels and could often leave you with a surplus of stock or, worse, no stock and orders yet to be fulfilled. A Retailer’s Point of Sale system can be a more effective way to manage inventory and avoid these issues.

This week, Mango Logistics discuss the importance of an effective warehouse management company and how outsourcing your inventory and storage requirements could save your business money and help you to thrive in the new year.

The benefits of warehouse management for your business

As your business grows, you’ll need to introduce new SKUs and reach new markets. This will make it increasingly difficult to manage your inventory without help. To scale your business accordingly, you may wish to consider an external warehouse partner to support your inventory. As your business continues to grow, you’ll need more warehouse space. It’s important to understand the different benefits associated with external warehouse management so you can choose the right option for your business.

Pay for what you are using – hiring a warehouse space means that you can pay for an area that is the perfect size for your business. Your space will be optimised for your needs, and you will only pay for what you are using.

Save space in your workplace – many businesses don’t have the luxury of huge amounts of extra space ready to store items. Save space at work and use an external warehouse solution to house your products until they are needed.

Scale your business accordingly – grow your business efficiently when you choose to outsource your warehouse requirements. simply increase or decrease your hired space according to the needs of your business – perfect for seasonal stock!

Effective delivery – when you choose to use warehouse management solutions with Mango Logistics, you will also benefit from our effective pick and pack teams, who are able to locate a product and get it ready for delivery to your clients. We can even deliver your orders for you!

Security for your stock – warehouses are built to store business stock effectively and use the highest levels of security required. You will have peace of mind that your stock is protected and safe when you utilise external warehouse management.

Save on staffing levels – your warehouse partner will come with expert staff who are trained and experienced in the roles of effective warehouse management. Save on staffing levels and remove concerns about paying your ‘stock staff’ when periods are quieter.

Warehouse management software keeps you informed

Before a warehouse management system can be put into place, it’s important to understand the needs and requirements of individual businesses. If you don’t do this, you’re more likely to have problems down the line with things like putting items away and shipping them out. Part of what you need to do is develop a software program that’s specifically designed for your organization and its workflow processes.

This is especially useful for businesses with complex item number hierarchies. Having a warehouse software system will support capturing real-time data including stock received at the warehouse and stock being sent out to an end user. Products will be assigned a number and location to help with tracking within the warehouse. To assist in the smooth function of a warehouse facility, a high-quality software support system is required to monitor and control all elements of delivery and storage from a single point. Without these systems in place, warehouse management would not work effectively.

The software records all goods handling processes, so your inventory is always up-to-date. You get complete transparency over the current situation in your warehouse with real-time data that logistics processes run smoothly, sources of error are reduced to a minimum via automation, and daily stock management is easier.

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Warehouse management is one of the most crucial elements of an e-commerce business. If you have a remarkable warehouse management strategy, you can move your products from one place to another, stock them, and manage them all from a single interface. This will, in turn, help you to improve the efficiency of your business. If you operate a business that deals with the storage and shipping of products, then you need to look for a warehouse management solution.

Mango Logistics is an expert logistics company in the UK that offers a number of fulfilment services, including inventory management, order fulfilment, pick and pack solutions and delivery. Get in touch with our warehouse team today to discuss your storage and fulfilment needs.

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