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A cross-docking strategy to fulfil your orders

If you are searching for a streamlined logistics process to fulfil orders from you directly to your customer, our cross-docking strategy may be just the thing you are looking for. Cross-docking is the art of getting your products from A to B with minimal handling and little to no storage costs. There are a number of reasons why cross-docking may be the perfect solution for your order fulfilment. 

Our cross-docking strategy is ideal for:

  • Reworking or relabelling product before delivery
  • Removing supplier documentation
  • Consolidating with other orders
  • Holding orders for timed delivery

Working with businesses in multiple sectors


e-Commerce businesses

Mango’s collaborative e-fulfilment and logistics solutions create the perfect pairing for your e-Commerce business.


Alcohol and non alcoholic drinks

Meeting storage and fulfilment requirements for web, retail, and hospitality customers across London and the UK. 


PR and Events

With a state-of-the-art Central London warehousing and fulfilment centre, we ensure you get your event merchandise delivered on time.

archive storage

Warehouse Storage

Mango Logistics boasts a state-of-the-art Central London warehouse alongside strategically placed microhubs to support your bespoke storage requirements. 

Leading last mile delivery services

Our cross-docking service is a 3PL function that allows you to consolidate your shipments from various suppliers at any of our warehouses and deliver directly to your customers. Customers use our cross-docking service to keep products moving quickly through order fulfilment channels and avoid incurring the additional costs of warehousing and handling.

Working alongside our leading Last Mile delivery team, we receive products from your suppliers and immediately prepare your orders for outbound delivery and order fulfilment. And using our best-in-class online order management and tracking application, you get complete control over the delivery process.

Is cross docking right for your business?

Whilst cross-docking is a brilliant distribution strategy, it may not be suitable for your business at this stage. We recommend answering these questions before moving into cross-docking. If after you have answered these questions and you still arent sure, why not speak to one of our friendly mango team members who will be happy to help further. 

  1. Do you have the capital to pay for warehousing and storage whilst you are holding stock and sending it out? Warehousing costs are rising, and often, you will have to pay an upfront fee to store your products in a warehouse until they are shipped out. You may find that capital would be better spent utilising our cross-docking services. 
  2. Are you considering shipping directly from your supplier to your end-user? This could well be your answer, and if so, that’s great. But what if your customer has specific requirements that your supplier cannot handle? If you have orders that require more control and oversight, cross-docking could be your solution.

If you have decided that cross-docking is the logistical answer for you, you’ll need a trusted and reputable logistics company like Mango Logistics. Mango Logistics is the complete solution for your business for full visibility, the latest tracking technology, and robust practices. 

Read more on how cross-docking works here

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