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How far has the ULEZ expanded across London?

With London transport contributing to much of the air pollution across the UK, ULEZ was introduced in 2017 with an aim to combat the rising pollution toxic to residents and visitors of the UK Capital. ‘Toxic air pollution increases your risk of heart and lung disease, worsens chronic illnesses such as asthma and puts children’s health at risk ( The ULEZ is in place 24 hours a day, 364 days a year (Christmas day is not included). 

Since it’s introduction, the ULEZ has seen many vehicle owners across London clean up their cars with 80% of vehicles now being compliant and avoiding that charge. In October 2021, the ULEZ was expanded from its original location in Central London and now covers a single larger zone up to the North and South Circular roads (without covering these roads completely). Mango Logistics is at the forefront of sustainable last-mile delivery solutions that don’t contribute to rising congestion.

How is the logistics industry affected by the increased ULEZ?

It is estimated that between 2020-2021, over 4.2 billion parcels were delivered across London alone. With this staggering amount only set to increase as we move into an increasingly eCommerce focused marketplace, it has never been more important to work with a sustainable logistics company that is working to improve its carbon footprint.

You may find your trusted logistics team suddenly increasing their prices or starting to change their vehicle fleet. To avoid and reduce charges from driving in the ULEZ, logistics companies have to move forward with their sustainability plans to remain competitive within the industry. E-Cargo bikes and pushbikes will become more visible on the London roads and companies should start looking at greener alternatives to last-mile delivery solutions. 

Last-mile delivery solutions from your sustainable Logistics team 

At Mango Logistics, we are proud to be an innovative and forward-thinking last-mile logistics team. We are committed to offering our customers an alternative delivery solution that doesn’t impact the air quality within London or the UK. Our fleet of vehicles includes a growing fleet of electric vans, pushbikes, e-cargo bikes and ULEZ compliant vans all aimed to be your successful and sustainable delivery partner. Being a logistics company shouldn’t mean we are damaging the environment to get your packages to their final destination on time! 

Whether you are looking for same-day delivery, multiple drops across London or you need a courier service to get your important documents from one office to the next in the nick of time, Mango Logistics are here for all your delivery needs. Our aim is to have 85% of our fleet completely green by 2022 and being ISO 14001 certified means we are constantly monitoring and updating our operations to avoid negatively impacting the environment in any way. 

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Mango Logistics are working toward the future of your sustainability policy

Being your sustainable logistics partner doesn’t just mean we look at the role our vehicles play in the air pollution across London. We are committed not only to protecting our immediate environment but also to make the world a better place – one Mango at a time. Here are just some of the things Mango Logistics are doing to make the world a healthier place: 

  • Electronic invoices and recycled storage and packing materials 
  • Donating or reselling older goods (with our client’s permission of course) with any proceeds going to a charitable cause
  • Offering a recycling facility for us and neighbouring businesses for all laser tone cartridges – with all proceeds going to the British Red Cross. 
  • Committing to a green vehicle fleet including electric vans and electric cargo bikes that is 100% carbon neutral by 2025. 

Working with a logistics partner shouldn’t just mean you get your parcels and packages delivered on time and cost-effectively (which we do, by the way). You should be proud that your chosen delivery team is committed to supporting the environment with last-mile delivery, and when you choose to work with Mango, you will be. Boost your sustainability policy today by working with Mango Logistics and benefit from a great courier service that works for the environment – not against it. 

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