Collaborative e-fulfilment and logistics solutions: the perfect pairing


How has the pandemic revolutionised e-fulfilment?

It would appear that the pandemic really left no stone unturned when it came to the UK in 2020. From shutting down businesses to pushing the NHS into overdrive, Covid-19 has changed many aspects of our lives, and the e-fulfilment industry is no different. During a time when many of us were unable to go out, we turned to the internet for all our shopping needs. The Retail Times reported that UK online retail sales increased to 168% in May 2020 alone! 

Remember a time before the pandemic when we could walk into a shop and pay cash for our product on our lunch break? Even the way we purchase our items in stores has changed in the last two years, with many retailers installing contactless card payments to avoid handling cash. Many of us avoid touching items we may not want to purchase, and changing rooms have almost become obsolete. We have seen big retail names disappear under the pressure of no spending, meaning workers have lost their jobs and had to look for alternative employment elsewhere. Online shopping has proved more cost-effective than prowling the high streets on a Saturday afternoon for those with less disposable income. 

Current trends in the e-fulfilment industry 

It is clear that our previous lockdowns have changed the way consumers purchase goods, and we may not see this trend abate in any way. It is now easier than ever to order practically anything you want online, from decorating products to clothes, consumables and food. Whether you are on your lunch break or scrolling through your phone in the evening, the internet and ease of delivery have given us as consumers access to worldwide shopping from the comfort of our homes or office. Online businesses are growing rapidly, and logistic technology is adapting to support this continued growth.

Whether you are ordering products from a big retailer or from your local grocery store, average wait times for delivery are decreasing rapidly as logistics teams invest in savvy technology, allowing them to streamline their end to end solutions. However, with more people shopping online, fraudulent activity is rising, and supply chain challenges are continually a concern. So what is the future of e-fulfilment, and how will we see businesses and logistics teams collaborate to support a more efficient order and delivery solution?

The future of the e-fulfilment industry

Whilst we are unlikely to see our local high streets becoming nefarious ghost towns, there can be no doubt that the future of eCommerce is only set to grow. Online shopping will never be able to replace the customer experience of ‘real-life shopping’, where you are able to touch and feel the products firsthand, but as our lives get busier, virtual shopping offers convenience and value that is becoming more important. Let’s take a look at just some of the features we could see in the future of e-fulfilment: 

The use of cloud-based solutions 

Technology is already making huge leaps forward within the logistics industry. From inventory management software to delivery tracking and AI-based solutions, tech will support the logistics industry to offer a very competitive delivery service to their e-fulfilment partners across the UK. Streamlining operations will mean an efficient pick and pack service from stock locations to the end customer. 

Micro-fulfilment centres

Keeping stock closer to customers will reduce costs and support efficient delivery times. Online stores will look for external warehouse solutions where they can store stock and avoid supply chain challenges in the future. Making use of a micro-fulfilment centre will offer live time tracking of stock from order to delivery. Local warehousing options will support better air quality, with shorter journeys being made with the use of electric vehicles. 

Rising customer expectations

As logistics companies rally for providing efficient services and online retailers work to improve stock levels and service offerings, customer expectations are likely to rise. Many eCommerce businesses are already offering next day delivery, and waiting times are getting shorter. For companies that are not yet offering quick turnaround times, their future may look bleak compared to their competition. 

Faster delivery times 

Alongside rising customer expectations, it makes sense that delivery times are only going to get faster. We could see delivery being offered within a couple of hours from the same-day delivery that is currently offered. At Mango Logistics, we currently offer 1-hour time slots in Central London if we are delivering in the following postcodes: W1, WC1, WC2, EC1 2 3 4, SW1, SE1.

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Mango Logistics support your e-fulfilment business 

Here at Mango Logistics, our aim is to provide our e-fulfilment partners with a warehouse and delivery system that makes their business efficient, profitable and a leader in the competition. From local warehouses where you are able to store your stock conveniently to our pick and pack team, who manage your inventory and ensure your products are shipped out to the right customers. 

With nearly 85% of our fleet being ULEZ compliant, we are a cost-effective solution to your e-fulfilment business. Our delivery drivers know London like the backs of our hands, and we are confident that when you choose to work with us as your delivery solution partner, you won’t be disappointed. Mango Logistics are here to help you overcome your supply chain challenges and be a part of the future of the eCommerce world.

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