How should your logistics team handle your organic products?

organic products

The challenges of organic products logistics

Organic products are on the rise throughout the UK as we become more aware of the products we are using, how they are manufactured and the ingredients contained within. But manufacturing and selling organic products isn’t as simple as you may initially believe. There are many elements that go into making a product truly organic, and this can often be a challenge for businesses. 

Technology advancements

As technology advances, this can be of great assistance to businesses producing and selling organic products. Technology can monitor temperature, locations and transit times during transportation. As technology decreases in cost, it also becomes more readily available to smaller businesses – providing support for more businesses than ever before. 

Co-mingling and contamination

Whilst it is imperative to handle items – particularly food – with extreme care and caution to avoid cross-contamination, it is even more important with organic produce. This is generally because a lack of preservatives can make organic products more fragile and perishable. This protection of organic products keeps them safe but adds to already high costs. 

Fighting Fraud

It is unfortunate but true that a small number of businesses in the UK will try and sell within the organic industry without actually following the rules and regulations of manufacturing organic products. It is up to those regulating the industry to monitor and remove any business that is not following the organic regulations, but this can put extra strain on the businesses that are working hard to produce organic products. 


Organic products are generally more expensive to manufacture due to the regulations that have to be followed, the ingredients that should / should not be used and the lack of preservatives within the products. It is, therefore, more challenging for a business to create these products on a large scale because of the cost and the short shelf life they have. 

Achieving organic certification as a logistics company 

For a product to be organically certified, there are many elements within the manufacturing and selling of the product that also have to be deemed organic. These include: 

  • Manufacturing
  • Packing or re-packing
  • Storing
  • Importing
  • Wholesaling/trading
  • Labelling organic products

As you can see from the above list, it is not only the organic manufacturer that is required to be certified organic but the suppliers and third-party companies that they work with to package, store, trade and deliver their products. To become an organic-certified logistics company, there are several elements you have to abide by and prove to prepare and pass certification. 

In order to achieve organic certification, you must begin the application process, where you will need to evidence that you continually meet all the standards required, and if any changes need to be made, this is done so quickly and effectively. If you partake in several of the standards, each will need to be met before certification can be offered. During this time, you will undergo rigorous inspections and discussions to ensure you are able to support organic manufacturers when required. 

Paving the way for organic products and logistics 

As an organic-certified logistics team, Mango Logistics is proud of its ability to support organic producers with the storage and transportation of their organic products. using our own high-grade facilities, we guarantee complete transparency and traceability at every stage of our process. At Mango, we oversee all transportation and storage to ensure that organic certification is met at every stage. This includes impeccable record keeping using our state-of-the-art software and warehouse management technology. This also gives the client full transparency of the goods they store and transport with us. 

Mango Logistics believe that offering a fantastic logistics service shouldn’t compromise on the environment. That’s why we offer a range of delivery services, including e-bikes and electric vehicles. By 2025, we aim to have our fleet at 100% carbon neutral – another way of protecting the air across London and the surrounding areas. We aim to make green choices wherever we can, whether that’s electronic invoices or swapping our packaging to recycled materials. 

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Mango Logistics has organic certification 

If you are looking to add an organic certified logistics team to your third-party group, look no further than Mango Logistics. Based strategically across London and supporting the entire UK and over 200 international locations, our reputation is that of high-quality warehouse management and exemplary transportation. Our first-rate warehouse management technology offers you real-time data so you can stay on top of your stock levels and any deliveries coming in and out of the warehouse. 

For more information about our organic certification or to see our certificate before you discuss anything further with us, please get in touch with a member of our team today who would be more than happy to support you and your organic business. 

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