How will you tackle your eCommerce Christmas deliveries?

ecommerce christmas

eCommerce retailers set to be busier than ever in 2022

With experts predicting this year to be the biggest Christmas for eCommerce retailers so far, it’s no wonder many retailers are looking for innovative and effective ways to ensure their online customers receive their goods before the big day hits our calendar. Over half of us Brits prefer to complete our shopping online, and this is unsurprising considering many of us are still concerned about Coronavirus lurking in busy shopping centres and just trying to battle the queues, traffic and parking in general to complete some Christmas shopping. As an online retailer, have you planned your eCommerce Christmas deliveries this year?

In previous blogs, we have discussed the importance of working with a logistics partner who can not only handle the number of deliveries you are likely to have over the coming weeks but a partner who is also able to become an extension of your logistics in general. Warehousing, storage and effective pick and pack solutions should also be at the top of your priority list this year so you can continue with the daily running of your business operations, knowing that your customers and delivery solutions have been taken care of. 

Avoid buckling under the pressure of eCommerce orders and deliveries in 2022 with our handy guide to planning your eCommerce Christmas deliveries and work with a leading logistics partner – Mango Logistics, to help your business thrive. 

Planning your eCommerce Christmas deliveries effectively

To prevent crumbling under the eCommerce Christmas pressure this year, we recommend planning your Christmas deliveries as much as possible so you can stay ahead of your competitors and, most importantly, keep your customers happy and loyal! 

Plan your deals and offers carefully

With your customers watching their spending particularly carefully this year, you may wish to consider offering deals and special offers to help your customers pinch the pounds where they can. Be careful, however, that you are not over-offering on your products as this could lead to orders that you are unable to fulfil. Using a warehouse fulfilment centre that is able to accept and keep track of the inventory you have will assist you in ensuring you can continue to offer your promotions and deals. 

Pick and pack solutions 

If you are predicted to be incredibly busy this year, you may not have the space to store your stock, let alone be in charge of packing your orders correctly and getting them out to your customers. Using a pick-and-pack courier takes the stress away from packing your orders correctly and getting them to your customers on time. At Mango Logistics, our team of first-class warehouse experts take charge of getting your orders ready and out for delivery, keeping you in the loop along the way. 

Be prepared for last-minute orders

We all know that there is often a flurry of orders in the run-up to Christmas, whether that’s because children change their minds or your customers have forgotten something important! Make sure you are prepared to receive orders as close to Christmas as possible, ensuring you can get them out to your customers on time. Unfortunately, as Christmas approaches, the traditional way of delivering through Royal Mail becomes busy, and deliveries are not guaranteed. that’s why we recommend working with a specialist logistics partner

Be realistic with your delivery times

So many of us now expect next-day delivery or at least free delivery with our online orders. Ensure you are transparent and realistic about delivery times and costs with your customers from the outset. If you are able to offer free delivery on orders, this is a great move that will have people returning to your site. Planning your deliveries with a logistics partner like Mango Logistics will give you much more control over when you are able to deliver to your customers

The benefits of using an eCommerce Christmas partner

If you are considering working with a 3rd party logistics partner for your Christmas deliveries this year, take a look at just some of the benefits you could see when you choose to work with Mango Logistics. 

Improved efficiency and lowered costs

Good logistics are the key to running a cost-effective and efficient business, and by getting an insight into every area of the supply chain, you can easily identify any areas that could use some improvement. This could be in the form of more efficient transportation or shipping processes or better warehousing and storage solutions – but implementing these changes will not only make your business more efficient. It will also make it more cost-effective; in addition, providing a more efficient service to your customers will keep them coming back to your company time and time again.

Customer satisfaction

Excellent logistics management is the key to a successful business. It helps to keep the transportation of goods quick and efficient for customers, which in turn leads to happy customers. As mentioned before, happy customers are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend your business to others. Therefore, by keeping your supply chain management in order, you can provide your customers with the best possible service at all times.

Supply chain management

A well-oiled machine is the backbone of any successful business – this means having a logistics system in place that runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. If you can understand and manage all aspects of the logistics involved in your business – from warehousing and distribution to transportation and delivery – then you’ll be able to provide excellent customer service. Logistics management is all about being organised and efficient so that your customers always receive the best possible service, no matter what point they are in the supply chain. 

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Mango Logistics is here to support your eCommerce business

With online Christmas retail set to be as successful as ever, it has never been a better time to outsource your warehouse management and delivery solutions to a trusted logistics partner that understands your requirements and works with you and your business. At Mango Logistics, we aim to be an extension of your business, offering a seamless transition between your online orders to your final mile deliveries. 

For more information about our services or to use us as your trusted logistics partner, get in touch with our team today. 



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