Customer Satisfaction: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

Here at Mango Logistics something we pride ourselves on is client communication. We speak to customers every day about their wants and needs, and what we can offer them. It’s safe to say when it comes to customer service we’re experienced enough to offer our top tips on pitfalls to look out for to deliver successful communications service.

Pitfall #1 Attack of the Robots: Whilst obviously the benefits of automated systems exist, there is nothing duller than being asked six times to dial a number you can’t hear to speak to something that doesn’t exist for a reason you can’t even remember. As efficient as it may be to use an automated voice service, nothing can replace the voice of a human being, something we know all too well at Mango. We constantly have phones ringing, calls being transferred and picked up again creating the buzzing, lively atmosphere of our London offices. As Mango grows, it is important for us to keep our human element strong, and where possible even extend it. Clearly even big companies see the value of human to human communication. An increase in email correspondence was given as a major factor in the UK Customer Survey, Insights and Sector report increase in customer satisfaction which also highlights the importance of the fast response time achieved by a person at a desk. Having a conversation over email need not be as clunky and drawn out as it once was, and it has become many clients’ preferred form of inquiry before a phone call. One day computers may take over the world, but that day isn’t here just yet. Don’t forget the value of the human because business is always personal.

Pitfall #2 I’m sorry I thought you said…: Among efficiency, a big reason why many companies began to stray from the use of actual people behind phones is the problem of human error. It’s quite simple, we all make mistakes. Having miffed customers who think they’ve asked for one thing and received another leading to either mild awkwardness or actual loss of money is a big communications issue. However we all know that it is an easily avoidable issue. Walk into our office and you’ll hear Liz on the phone confirming whether or not the package is in inches or centimeters, just to be sure. No matter how obvious it may seem, it is always worth it to ask questions. In general, customers will be impressed by your level of engagement and dedication to offering a personal service.

Customer Satisfaction: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

Pitfall #3 I only needed the toilet?: Selling a product before you know the needs of the client is not only thoroughly pointless, but it also could potentially be a waste of an opportunity and time. A client can come to you at any point in their consumer journey, which means that you have to meet them where they are. If someone is a storage rookie then busting out all the complicated jargon will most definitely isolate them. Conversely, someone who has 3 warehouses full of flowing inventory doesn’t need to hear about why they should outsource their logistical solutions – they already have. Being relevant to the customer is what keeps exchanges from falling flat. The same applies in emails, or even live chat. You will lose steam if the customer feels you running around in circles trying to get them to buy something they don’t need and it can be the difference between deal or a dismissal. At Mango our clientele ranges from businesses to students so we’re always careful not to make assumptions about either’s needs or knowledge. That way we spend less time waffling and spend more time getting to the root of their requirements and issues in order to create a solution.

Pitfall #4 No Mountain High Enough: It is great to offer a client the world and watch their appreciation of you grow ten-fold as you cater to their every need. The greatest self-esteem high of all in communications is to promise someone what they want and watch them light up in return. But you’ll soon crash if you realise you can’t back the claims you’ve made. You, as well as your client, must remember that a possibility and a promise are two different things. However, being over-cautious can come across as indifferent and dispassionate, which can be irritating to a potential client. Don’t promise things you can’t be certain about, but extend your possibilities as far as you can. Building client expectations by offering options is a good way to go about doing this. Making a distinction between premium and economy options in terms of risk factors and being upfront creates client loyalty which leads to growth. Giving a vow of going above and beyond is useless if you don’t take initiative to actually try to make things happen for your clients. Being honest is top priority, but taking chances behind the scenes is always worth it for your client.

Pitfall #5 Seeing Eye to Eye: A huge mistake in the flurry of everyday life is never meeting a client face to face. Particularly with returning customers, actually arranging meetings to see them and discuss terms of engagement is instrumental in creating lasting communication ties. It is always worth it to make time to speak to your clients to remind them that they aren’t just a number on a spreadsheet or a voice on the phone. Meeting potential clients can be an incredibly powerful negotiation tool when dealing with a client who is in the midst of making a decision concerning their provider. At Mango we love to meet both long standing clients and potential customers because both are equal in importance. Plus who doesn’t love a friendly chat! Communication should be fun and involve more than just sitting behind a desk all day. Anyone up for coffee? Contact us here.

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