5 Tips For Students Struggling With Storage

Whether you’re living in student halls, renting a room from a landlord or even sharing a flat with friends, you just never seem to have enough space! Add the term times and strict rental agreements, you’ve probably found yourself making multiple trips back and forth to your family home, spending  (what seems like) countless hours searching for something you thought ‘was right there’.

Being a student is hard enough without having to think about where to store your belongings. Here are 5 tips to show you  how to make the most of your student space and to make your life a little less hectic:

Think up

7 mistakes that courier companies have made carrying your things

No matter what kind of space you’re working with, you’ll probably have more wall space than floor space. Think about how you can stack, hang, stick or hook your belongings upwards and vertically; swap some of your posters for storage shelves. Even if your student accommodation or landlord doesn’t allow you to make modifications to your room – such as leaving holes in the walls, there are plenty of other options, like adhesive shelves, free-standing racks and over the door hooks and pockets.

Space for a monster under the bed?

It might sound simple but most of your bedroom space is usually taken up by your bed. If you’re furnishing your own room, try and find a bed with some clearance underneath for storage boxes. This space is ideal for clothes that don’t need to be hung up, books, shoes and almost anything really. Storage boxes are usually cheap and they’ll protect your prized belongings from dust (and the odd pizza slice or crumbs).

Another handy tip – make a quick inventory of the contents of your box(es), so you can make your treasure hunt a little easier and you won’t have to look through every box!

If you’re in student halls and your bed doesn’t have any ground clearance, have a look at buying some handy bed risers – these will add a few extra inches under your bed to create that much-needed space.

Get organised with lists

7 mistakes that courier companies have made carrying your things

Once you know where you’ll be staying and how much room you have, get organised by making lists of what you will take from each room – there’s no point trying to cram all your belongings if you know they wouldn’t fit in the designated space. Having dedicated areas for clothes, books and educational stuff, gadgets, electronics and even toiletries can help you plan better use of your space.

Storage bins come handy as a student

Storage bins are great for fitting into awkward spaces and can often double up as a handy bedside table.  They’re reasonably cheap, can be used for all sorts of stuff and come in various shapes, sizes and materials so can be incredibly versatile.  

Befriend a reliable storage company

If you are one of the students who hasn’t secured accommodation for every term, you often find yourself packing up your stuff to take home and returning with the same items!

You’ll find you get time off studying quite frequently;  during Christmas, Easter, Summer holidays, in between term times. At these times, you may be wondering what to do with your items.

Some students prefer to use storage options, rather than take on the stress of packing everything to take back home temporarily and then arranging enough car space to bring it back. Alternatively, you might be carrying everything on the train, which is even more of a challenge.

With a storage company, you know your items are tucked away in a safe space, ready for when you start your next term. Many storage companies have started offering student discounts with the increase in the number of students who use their services.

Mango Logistics offer student rates for storage

At Mango Logistics, we have a special student offer. If you are a student between terms, travelling overseas or if you ’ve just finished your studies and you’re moving to another property, Mango can assist you with your move. Being a student gives you access to our unique student rates that will help you save money. Contact us for more details on student storage

We can provide boxes, a van and driver and can help move and lift your belongings. Depending on if you’ll need access you can cut costs even further by opting for storage outside of the city centre.

They say sharing is caring, so a good idea might be buddying up with a flatmate or friend and sharing storage space – great way of cutting costs in half straight away!

With bespoke pricing and unique student rates, no matter the length of time, amount of space or even if you just need help moving, contact us below to see why we’re the number one choice for students’ storage in London.

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