5 tips for shipping your products internationally

Shipping your products or goods internationally can be a complicated business, but if done properly, it can be productive and profitable for businesses looking to expand.

It goes without saying that shipping internationally can help with customer base growth, inspire competition to better your business, contact and enter more markets and launch a presence in other countries. All this, in turn, will help you to drive turnover and bottom line growth.

According to recent studies, international sales may account for a significant portion of total e-commerce orders. This means that, ever more, businesses are appreciating that they can offer worldwide shipping and increase their market share no matter what size they are.

However, there are certain things that business owners need to take into consideration before they jump right into selling internationally:

Familiarise yourself with the customs laws around your product

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It might seem obvious, but every country has its individual rules and regulations around what you can and can’t ship there, and they sometimes even have rules on how you ship it.

There are numerous country-specific regulations around shipping goods internationally, so you need to do your research carefully.

Find out everything you need to know about the costs of shipping

Mango Logistics

You might think that shipping something from the UK to another country is as easy as paying the shipping charge and posting/sending it but there are different variables to bear in mind.

There are various costs involved when shipping internationally. Some of these costs can be charged to you and/ or to the recipient of the goods. For all non-document parcels going to non-EU countries a surcharge is added to your total shipping costs, this charge differs depending on the country and the weight and dimensions of the goods. You will have to pay duties and taxes for shipments to non-EU countries. You can choose to pay this charge yourself or you can have the recipient pay this cost . You will need to include all these factors into your pricing and shipment costs, so it’s wise to know before you start shipping.

Packaging is key when shipping products internationally

A good package is sturdy but not bulky. Some companies will package your items for your professionally.

Goods sent internationally are priced up based on the weight and size of the package. Scrap any needless extra packaging and if goods are in boxes, the smaller the box, the cheaper it is – but of course, make sure that all goods are packed safely, especially fragile items.

Work out the service you need – express or economy?

Bicycle courier companies

Decide which service is right for you and your customers. A professional logistics company can advise you on this. If it’s economy, make sure you’ve got enough time to send it, as it takes longer than express services. However, economy tends to be cheaper than express so you could save some costs here.

A good courier company can advise you when to get your packages ready for collection and delivery.

Outsource your fulfilment service

If you want a stress-free experience of shipping your goods internationally, use a specialist fulfilment service. Most of these services (including ours) mean simply paying a fee to have a third-party company handle your fulfilment and shipping direct from their warehouse.

Some companies may only want to handle the physical moving of goods, while others will be able to offer you a full package of pick, pack, paperwork and shipment.

Why You Should Choose Mango Logistics

At Mango Logistics we provide comprehensive mailing and shipping services for businesses within the UK who want to ship across the UK and all around the world. Our shipping experts will help you understand the regulations for your specific shipment, help process and pack goods and take care of all the logistics from point A to point B.

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