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Mango Logistics are a London based, innovative and forward thinking business who operate all over the UK. We have many years of experience in the logistics industry and we pride ourselves on our customer service standards. Our aim is to provide an efficient, reliable and cost effective solution for all your last mile deliveries, all of which can be tailored to suit you needs. With us you will always receive excellent value for money as well as a personal touch with every order. Our dedicated staff work hard to ensure that each job gets done right first time!

Mango Logistics are proud to say that their fleet of vehicles, bikes and E-bikes are fully ULEZ compliant. This means that we can enter all London zones utilising our fleet of bicycles without negatively impacting on the pollution levels within the city. Our clients have peace of mind when they use our services due to our delivery experts and commitment to supporting the environment. 

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ULEZ compliance with bicycle courier companies 

ULEZ was introduced by Transport for London in 2007. The ULEZ zone covers Central London only but has been extended since then. It means lorries must not enter this area unless they meet certain criteria including having at least one trailer or box less than 2 metres high. This applies from 6am until 10pm Monday – Friday and 8am until 7pm Saturday & Sunday. Lorries carrying goods such as building materials etc need to comply with these rules.

The introduction of the ULEZ zones has reduced congestion around Central London’s main transport hubs and also helped reduce pollution levels within the city centre. However, there are still many areas where it is illegal for vehicles other than buses, taxis and private hire cars to use roads during peak hours. 

To work with logistics team who are committed to only impacting on the environment in a positive way, speak to Mango Logistics to learn more about our cargo bike courier and how they could work for your delivery needs. 

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Same day deliveries with bicycle courier companies 

When you choose to work with Mango Logistics and our bicycle couriers, your parcel can still be delivered on the same day for urgent deliveries and the next day for those parcels and items that can wait a little longer. 

With Mango Logistics same day delivery service, we offer timed delivery throughout most of central London. For example if you place a delivery request with the tea, you can choose the best delivery time for your customer so you know when it will arrive at its final destination. Mango Logistics also offer delivery on a Saturday, so you dont have to wait a full weekend for your parcel to arrive. Our customers love being able to track their orders online so they don’t miss out on anything important.   

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