Why You Should Be Utilising Storage Space During The Pandemic

Approximately one third of the world’s population are living in some form of quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.* With restrictions imposed by the UK government the country has had to redefine the way it lives, shops and works. Working remotely has become one of the more common solutions for office based businesses.

From Office To Home

The coronavirus pandemic has affected countless London office based businesses, and one of the biggest changes some have had to adapt to is working from home. Whilst these businesses adjust to the new norm, transforming a home into a workspace has been one of the many challenges facing them. 

For companies making this transition, giving up office space boasts cost-saving benefits, among other benefits such as avoiding the commute, being able to work around other commitments and cutting business overheads. And with the efforts of feng shui, transforming that spare bedroom or living area into a working office has ignited employees’ DIY skills. But what happens to all the non-essential equipment, files and resources that their home spaces aren’t able to accommodate for? This is where storage units are becoming an essential part of running a business.

Here at Mango, we offer managed storage solutions for exhibition equipment, marketing goods, excess stock, archive & documents, specialist goods such as fine art, antiques and many more, right in the centre of London. For storage that doesn’t require frequent access we also supply a range of out-of-London locations to help save even more money!

Why You Should Be Utilising Storage Space During The Pandemic

Businesses Downsizing

When office space is required for the running of a business but the option for employees to work from home has prevented maximising the use of office space, making the decision to downsize may be the best option as a way to prevent wasted costs. Saving money on vacated space will allow for budgets to be invested in other areas of the business.

According to recent findings, 57% of businesses are looking to downsize.** Given the overheads in property lettings this figure isn’t surprising when businesses are currently focused on reducing the cost of space and renting. 

With Mango’s flexible and affordable managed storage solutions, tackling the task of downsizing office space will be easier than businesses imagine. From containers to warehouses, we have the space to suit your needs. By using our professional moving services, whether that be to transport your files, documents, folders, desks, office chairs or even stationery into storage, we’ll also return everything you need if you find your business expanding again.

coronavirus pandemic

Social Distancing Spaces

Whilst most businesses are looking to transform to remote working or downsizing office space, other businesses have said they actually needed more office space over the next five years; according to the BusinessLive Great Big Business Survey, 24% of these businesses say that the one thing they want to change is access to more breakout spaces and communal areas.**

The pandemic has posed questions to office based businesses on how they will re-look at their space, as well as how it affects their employees productivity, wellbeing and interaction with others so that they are still able to engage in positive experiences. Many of these changes need to be implemented to allow for a safer working environment, such as how stock is managed and distributed to free up office space to allow for social distancing. 

When considering the space that is needed to educate and train new employees, as well as maintaining a safe and engaging environment, relying on storage space to support these efforts is crucial. At Mango we provide the solution that is right for any business with our managed warehouse and distribution services. This is ideal for companies that want to be focusing their time and attention on the development of their staff rather than being burdened with all the time-consuming logistics responsibilities too. 

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