Trusted warehouse solutions to store your exhibition kit

Trusted warehouse solutions to store your exhibition kit

Storing your valuable equipment before your exhibition day

Most businesses can relate to how important it is to have your exhibition kit on time for the show. The least you want to happen is to have to rush and do everything the night before the show. That’s why you need to plan ahead. But where should you store your valuable equipment ahead of the exhibition day? The obvious answer is to store it securely in a warehouse. A strategically located warehouse hub can be the most ideal place to store your valuable equipment and other exhibition kit items. Here are a few tips on how to make use of strategically located warehouse hubs:

If you are looking to hold a successful exhibition or convention, you need to find a warehouse that will store your exhibition kit. It is easy to underestimate the value of your exhibition kit but think about all the equipment you need to transport to your exhibition site. All those machines, furniture and other materials have to be carefully transported to avoid breakages. In order to avoid the cost and time of transporting your exhibition kit to
your exhibition location, it makes sense to find a trusted warehouse provider who is strategically located to make transportation less onerous.

How to store your exhibition kit safely in warehouse storage

Exhibition kit storage is an essential service for any exhibition organiser. Exhibitions and trade shows often require items to be stored in a warehouse for a period of time until the event. The items may be sent via courier, which means that they need to be stored in a warehouse that offers a secure courier-friendly service. Choosing a storage and logistics company like Mango Logistics will not only mean that your items can be delivered and stored directly at our warehouse site, but we could support you with delivery to your exhibition location if you are too busy to collect your items on the day.

If your exhibition kit is being delivered straight from the manufacturer, your items should already be in a protective casing, meaning they will be stored effectively and safely until you need them. If you are planning to bring your exhibition kit directly to our warehouse storage before the event, we advise that you pack your items carefully and considerately, using bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard and protective layers. The last thing you need is to find that your banners and signs have been damaged during transportation to our warehouse space.

The benefits of storing your exhibition kit locally

One of the biggest challenges of keeping your exhibition kit in a warehouse that’s not located where you are is the fact that you have to get it from the warehouse to where you are. You will have to pay for shipping, and this makes it quite expensive. The other option is to keep the exhibition kit in your exhibition space as you prepare for the event, but this is also not very practical since you have to have enough space to keep the kit. The best option is to find a trusted warehouse that is strategically located where you are. This will allow you to transport the kit to the warehouse and then transport it back to where you are when the event is over.


Hiring a warehouse space that is located near your exhibition site will prove a cost effective exercise. You can choose to have your exhibition kit delivered straight to your warehouse space or deliver everything yourself prior to the show. Either way, you will save on transportation and replacing damaged, lost or stolen goods before the big event arrives.

Time management

Save yourself valuable time when you store your items in a local warehouse space. We all know the stress an exhibition or event can bring, and the last thing you need is to worry about whether you have left parts of your exhibition kit back in the office! Make sure your warehouse space is full of everything you could ever need for your event, and free up some time to worry about other details of the day.

Safe and secure

Your local warehouse space is one of the most secure locations you could use to store your exhibition kit. Using the latest in CCTV technology, professional staff who manage the warehouse and heavy-duty padlocking systems to keep out unwanted visitors, keep your items safe until the day you need them with Mango Logistics warehouse storage.

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Mango Logistics is the trusted warehouse partner for your exhibition kit

Mango Logistics offers a wide range of storage options for businesses and organisations. Whether it’s exhibition equipment or kit for trade shows, the logistics company offers a range of storage solutions to customers. The company operates strategically located warehouse hubs across the UK for customers to transport and store their exhibition kits. Mango Logistics is a UK logistics company that offers bespoke logistics solutions to businesses and organisations across the country.

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