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Case Studies

We try to keep an up to date selection of case studies from the varied range of sectors and customers we work with. If what you find here is not relevant to your unique requirement and  would like a more specific assurance about our service levels and credentials, then please speak to us and we can arrange for something more bespoke.

Every sector has its own niche requirements. Here are some of the industries and sectors we have hands-on experience of working with and understand their individual needs and nuances.

Law, private equity & investment firms, hedge funds and banks, advertising and PR agencies, events and exhibition organisers, hotels and hospitality, travel and tourism, concierge services, start-ups, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, media & broadcasting, retail & luxury goods and many more.


Media / International / Storage / Bespoke Logistics / Inventory / Joined-Up

The customer is a leading global media agency employing 50,000 people in 100+ countries. They regularly require security and protective clothing to be sent to destinations within areas of conflict and civil unrest, including times of natural disasters. This needed to be done promptly and usually at a moment’s notice.

The Challenge: Tightened borders. Limited access. Increased likelihood of missed deadlines. Remote locations. Hostile environment.

The Solution: To facilitate the request of the business, Mango Logistics set up a 24-hour operational support based in one of its key central London locations. Having the stock in our warehouse enables Mango to pick, pack and deliver them promptly without losing time. Mango choses the best and most appropriate method of transport including on-board courier, parcel service or charter aircraft as needed.

The Result – 100% on-time delivery within budget. After the initial setup, stock-check and web based inventory solutions, our client can now send their journalists and their photographers to any destination, safe in the knowledge that Mango Logistics will deliver to them promptly when required. We provide them with storage in a secure location in Central London, receive delivery instructions, pick and pack the stock and select the appropriate International delivery service to get their items to where they need to be in the world. We provide them with tracking of their packages, proof of delivery, stock level reports and peace of mind!

Broadcast / International / Storage / Bespoke Logistics / Inventory / Joined-Up

The Challenge: As one of the main broadcasters for the 2016 Rio Olympics, broadcasting equipment needed collecting and re-distributing around the world from various locations and delivered to Rio for the games.

The Solution: Mango setup a dedicated and co-ordinated project management team to ensure that the total consignment of nearly 8000kilos was shipped from the UK within temporary export regulations and then delivered to the media centre in Rio de Janeiro on time. Many of the broadcasting items from around the world were centralised and consolidated in our warehouse at London Heathrow. Equipment was stock checked, recorded to a high degree of accuracy and inventories complied with the ICO (International Olympic Committee) rules and regulations in conjunction with the import rules and regulations of Brazil.

The Result: Managing complexity to deliver on-time for the Olympic games. We also saved the customer time and money by finding the most efficient way of operating compared to other logistics solutions and cemented our long-term relationship with the customer.

“I am very happy with the service at Mango Storage.  Alice was helpful and efficient. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone. Thank you again for all the help”

Julianna, Head of Reservations and Office Manager, Calabrese House Hospitality

Beverages / Bespoke Solutions / Storage / Distribution / Warehousing / Fulfilment / Joined-Up

The Customer: A specialist drinks distributer delivering craft and small-batch drinks directly to businesses and offices across London.

The Challenge:  The complexity of the delivery offer meant standard courier companies were not flexible enough to accommodate their stock management and fulfilment needs. This was leading to problems with deliveries, lack of inventory control and wrong orders, despite several efforts and a lot of money being spent trying to ‘fix’ the problems. Being a new business, they lacked experience in knowing what resources they needed to handle fragile goods from end-to-end. This was preventing their business growing and meeting demands as their delivery service was a key component of their offer.

The Solution: By analysing their supply chain, we recommended an end-to-end solution which covered storage of their drinks, pick, pack and delivery of drinks to customers – all co-ordinated through a dedicated and staffed station within our central London warehouse.

The Result: The solution we offered was both competitive on price and service. By offering them a personalised work station to operate from our warehouse, we supported our customer to grow their business whilst saving on office space costs and as such we have become a trusted partner.

Fashion / Luxury / Manufacturing / Retail / Warehousing / Fulfilment / Distribution / Stock Management

The Customer– A luxury fashionb2b luggage and leather goods manufacturing company who source materials from all over the world and have been in business for the last 30 years. Last year they opened a flagship store in Mayfair and needed to outsource their entire logistics

The Challenge: They were seeking a logistics company that could provide a secure, careful and customer focused warehouse and delivery service to their retail customers.

The Solution- We imported the bags from the manufacturing plant in Spain, provided them with storage, fulfilment of orders and a quality control check before distributing the goods in response to customer orders.

The Result- We provided our customer with a service that not only met initial needs but we also managed their entire logistics needs from end-to-end by importing their bags and storing them, fulfilling their orders and delivering across Europe to retail customers. This resulted in our client being able to free up two members of their staff to handle other tasks as they were no longer needed to oversee the day to day logistics management.

Events / Entertainment / Stock Management / Pick and Pack / Distribution

The Company- An events company, specialist in corporate events and conferences

The Challenge- The customer initially needed assistance with a   storage of excess stock from an event they had organised. They were using up valuable London office space which restricted their ability to grow and employ more people. Additionally, there was no control over their stock levels which resulted in conferences and events missing vital items/products.

The Solution- From holding stock such as events stands and posters to pick and pack of promotional materials such as brochures and giveaways- we deliver their stuff to the event location on time.  We partnered with them and now cater for all their logistics needs.

What we do:

  • Storage and fulfilment
  • Pick and pack
  • Provided online stock and ordering system Manage stock levels- coupled with our UK and worldwide delivery service
  • Deliver goods to events

The Result- They no longer hold any stock at their offices and have been recruiting more staff as they keep growing.

Mango are brilliant and we always use them in London, we always find them very accommodating and helpful. Jarrell is great and always looks after us.

Jim Summerfield, Branch Manager, Edwards Trade Storage

Advertising  / PR / Storage  / Logistics / Pick and Pack / Distribution

The Company- A Marketing and Advertising agency  who work with organisations, institutions and marketing professional better communicate with young people and influence their behaviour.

The Challenge– During events, such as university functions, they require a logistics firm that can help store their brochures and other marketing products for a short term, pick, pack and distribute the items to various universities in the UK.

The Solution – We offered solutions which include arranging collections, packaging and distribution of goods to various locations across the UK.

Marketing / End-to-End / Bespoke Logistics

The Company- An award-winning, independent, international, drinks marketing company that create and implement marketing ideas for companies required a logistics service that could support their business.

The Challenge–  They required a logistics company that could understand the nature of their business, store marketing probes for events, deliver them to the various locations, collect them and manage the inventory.

The Solution – Our end to end bespoke service came in handy for this client.  Our solution included;

  • labelling
  • In-taking deliveries
  • Pick and pack volumes for daily deliveries
  • Distribution to various locations for London
  • Stock monitoring
  • Same day stock replenishment
  • Storage