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Final mile delivery supports millions of businesses around the UK every year. This refers to the very last step of your parcels delivery in Croydon, where it has moved from a transportation hub or storage facility to its final destination, usually a Croydon residence or store. If you are sending a parcel or important document to a client in Croydon, you want to be confident that your delivery will arrive quickly and efficiently. Mango Logistics are your Croydon delivery specialists who support final mile deliveries across London and the wider UK. We have a fleet of eco-friendly vans, e-bikes and cargo bikes that operate in the Croydon area and focus on your final mile deliveries, so you don’t have to. Mango Logistics has over 20 years of experience as a complete delivery and logistics solution in Croydon. We are confident that we are the trusted final mile delivery team for you whether you are looking for multiple drops, timed delivery or same-day delivery. 

The benefits of working with a final mile delivery service team

Improving delivery efficiency 

We know that no matter what we do, sometimes deliveries are outside of our control due to accidents, roadworks or the busy commuter roads of London. With Mango Logistics, you will be kept up to date with your parcels final mile so you can inform your customers of any expected delays and altered delivery times. Improve the efficiency of your delivery with Mango Logistics.  

Final mile UK tracking

Track your parcels and important documents with our smart technology and software. We know that your customer may want to be kept updated with their delivery so they can plan their days around drop off. We also know that you are going to want to see how your delivery is getting on so you can stick to your expectations and keep your customer pleased. Never lose track of a parcel again with our final mile UK tracking software. 

Streamlined delivery services

Automating your delivery process can save a lot of time and money for your business. Mango Logistics offer a complete solution from managing your inventory to delivering your stock to customers. Manual methods are time consuming and tracking paperwork is nearly impossible which is why we use state of the art technologies to support our inventory, tracking and delivery systems. You can even have access to this technology to keep track of your deliveries and inventory lists in real-time.

Optimise your routes

Mango Logistics know the routes of London. We are confident in our driver’s abilities to navigate the busy London traffic and using our technology, we optimise routes to ensure that your parcels get delivered on time, every time. In such a fast-paced industry, it’s imperative to have dynamic route software that supports our drivers and keeps your customers happy.   

Flexible deliveries

Convenience and flexibility are key to eCommerce solutions and that’s why Mango Logistics offer a range of flexible delivery solutions that suit you and your customers. Urgently need same-day delivery? We can help you with that? Need timed deliveries or multiple drop-offs? Not a problem. Mango Logistics aim to be as flexible with you as you are with your customers. 

Mango Logistics are your final mile delivery specialists

With final mile delivery fulfilment centres all over the UK, it’s no wonder Mango Logistics are a leader in providing last-mile delivery solutions for various clients. We aim to get our clients packages and documents delivered quickly and efficiently so you can continue delivering your goods to your customers. Not only do we offer a delivery service, but our warehouse team are also ready and able to manage your products making us a turnkey solution to your delivery and logistics process.

Mango Logistics believes in reducing air pollution in and around London and that’s why we will always offer you our fully green delivery service. With a fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles from pushbikes to e-cargo vans, our fleet contains sustainable and ULEZ compliant vehicles. This year (2022) we aim to have at least 85% of our vehicles green and we are aiming for a 100% carbon neutral fleet by 2025. As a much-loved courier company in London and throughout the UK, there is nothing we love more than being able to fulfil the final mile for our customers.

Mango Logistics Sustainability policy

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